I look at things a little differently.

Less stress

I founded Astrantium Hosting because clients were saying that finding good hosting for their websites was just too stressful.

Astrantium Hosting offers independent advice about WordPress hosting in the UK. If you are planning your first website I encourage you to sign up for my three-email mini course using the form on the front page.

Can Astrantium Publishing help?

If you’ve already got a website and changes have become necessary you may feel there doesn’t seem to be anything on offer between an expensive redesign by a developer or a scary do-it-yourself approach.

That’s where Astrantium comes in. We offer friendly hosting and lots of help to migrate your existing content or start a completely new site.

Let’s begin with a chat over Skype (or the telephone) to talk about your website and what we can do to help you.

A list of features you might want to achieve…

  • A fluid layout that works on phones, tablets and laptops
  • Easier content management and more control
  • SSL certification
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • eCommerce, ebooks or digital downloads
  • Members-only areas
Karon McBride
Karon McBride drinking tea
Karon McBride

Karon McBride has been designing and building online user experiences since 1995. She has a background in physics and education, including a masters degree in learning system design.

As a web designer and consultant Karon specialises in WordPress sites for small businesses, charities and creatives.

She regularly gives presentations on how businesses can and should take control of their web presence. Karon also runs a writing group for content marketing professionals.

Karon lives in the East Neuk of Fife and enjoys walking, knitting and sewing, family history research, watching dolphins and arguing about politics.

Call 0133 363 1312 or email karonmcbride@astrantium.co.uk

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